Favorite and Least Favorite Aspects of Being a Musician

Posted by
Dr. Emily Ondracek-Peterson
 December 19, 2013

At presentation in schools, inevitably I’m asked to list my favorite and least favorite aspects of being a professional musician. So, without further ado, my list of…



Favorite and Least Favorite Things About Being a Musician


Favorite Things:

  • The music – playing and performing incredible music
  • The violin – I love this beautiful instrument, including its sound, its challenges, its possibilities
  • Collaborations with other amazing musicians and the friendships I’ve made
  • All the places I’ve been and the unique experiences I have had because I am a musician
  • Teaching others how to play the violin and about music in general
  • Being an advocate for the arts
  • Participating in multiple facets of a career: business, marketing, academia, performance, pedagogy, writing
  • Meeting fascinating people from all over the world


Least Favorite Things:

  • The instability of the profession
  • The prevalent attitude in the U.S. about the dispensability of music and the arts
  • That all the extra-musical skills that can make or break one’s career – how to be business oriented, self-promoters, entrepreneurs, advocates, and educators – are not taught and presented as they should


How closely do your favorite and least favorite aspects align with the lists above?